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Secure-All Series™ Security Storm Doors
by Secure-All Company

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Sample Before Sample B Before
Powder Coated Baked-on Finish BEFORE testing
Securacote Finish BEFORE testing
The Testing Begins...
Two sample steel security doors were manufactured at the same time using the same quality materials by the same expert veteran fabricator. One sample was finished using a high quality powder-coated baked-on finish applied by a professional powder coating company. The other sample was finished using Secure-All's exclusive Securacote finish process. At the time testing begins, the two samples look good and are virtually identical in their appearance.

Lab Testing
The above photo was taken just before the doors were removed from the final testing chamber. The two white security doors can be seen hanging at the far left. The metal samples pictured in the middle are actually parts submitted by the United States Military for testing.
Laboratory Tested
August 2006. An independent metallurgical testing laboratory completes the final testing phase of Secure-All's exclusive Securacote Finish. Using array of sophisticated testing equipment and carefully controlled environmental conditions, the technicians are able to simulate and document the exact effect weather will have on products subjected to varying outdoor weather conditions.

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Sample Lockbox Sample B Lockbox
ABOVE: The Powder Coated Baked-On finish shows rust penetration on the edges of the steel and inside the lock box. ABOVE: The Securacote finish exhibits rust-free protection in every corner, including inside the lock box.
Sample Ironwork Sample B Ironwork
ABOVE: Moderate to severe rusting can be seen along the edges of the ornamental scrollwork (all steel), along the vertical tubular bar, and at the bases of each of the welds. ABOVE: The ornamental scrollwork (all steel) is rust free and the bars show no sign of rust on the edges or at the welds. The Securacote finish protects even tiny hairline edges.
Sample Front View Sample B Front View
CONCLUSION: The high-quality, professionally applied baked-on finish did not prevent the steel security door from rusting. The result is a very tired and worn looking door - certainly not something you would want on your home. CONCLUSION: The Securacote Finish prevented virtually all possibilities of rust, even in the tightest and most confined areas. This door looks like brand new, even after being subjected to rigorous testing. Now that is impressive!
Proven Results!
Following the lab testing, the two samples are carefully inspected for signs of deterioration, paint degradation, and rust. The results are nothing short of astonishing! Even the lab technicians were amazed at how well the Securacote finish performs.

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