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Exclusive Features | Secure-All Security Doors Store

You don't have to know anything about quality or security features to understand how very different a Secure-All Insulated Security Door feels compared to other security doors on the market. Grab the solid handle and pull. Can you feel it? Let your Secure-All door automatically glide gently closed until you hear a thud when it latches shut. That combination of the Touchback Automatic Door Control and stainless steel glide hinges ensures a secure lock position and air-tight seal every time.

When you own a Secure-All Insulated Security Door, you own a suite of exclusive features and functions that truly separate a Secure-All door from every other steel security storm door product on the market. No other competing company comes close to Secure-All.

Every single feature was designed to serve an essential purpose. The difference you will experience in your home is astonishing.

Secure-All Ultra Stainless Steel Lock Guard

Another exclusive and US Patented feature


The Secure-All Ultra Stainless Steel Lock Guard completely eclipses every other lock guard on the market. The revolutionary design dramatically improves protection against forced entry. It is so good that, in fact, the United States Patent Office awarded Secure-All a complete utility patent on the device. This part is essential in terms of security. Its full-size, one-piece design covers the jamb fully, neatly hiding the jamb screws. Because the Secure-All Ultra Lock Guard is made from thick stainless steel, it is entirely rustproof. (Note: Not available on "Full View," "Amethyst," or slim-line lock designs).

Check out the break-in video below. You'll be amazed how fast we got past a so-called security door WITHOUT the Ultra Stainless Steel Lock Guard.

UPGRADE AVAILABLE for your existing steel security doors. Call Secure-All at 303-458-5577 for more information.

Touchback Automatic Door Control


Secure-All's TouchBack Automatic Door Control closes your door with a smooth, quiet, gliding motion. A simple touch of the door is all it takes to activate the automatic self-hold-open feature. Slam protection and wind damage protection are also built in, so visible wind chains and dangling springs are NOT required. The video below shows how easy it is to adjust the closing speed. This is one feature you're going to love!

ClipCradle™ Locking Glass and Screen Retainer Clips


Secure-All doors include in-house-made glass and screen panels, which can easily change as seasons change. Secure-All has created a unique system for aligning and holding your insulated glass and screen panels in place to make switching panels even easier. Our ClipCradle system is the first and only all-metal glass/screen retainer that can be locked or adjusted without ever touching the clip. In addition to convenience, Secure-All's clips help prevent your glass clips from coming loose or breaking off due to normal usage and vibration. This child-safe design ensures you'll never have to worry about the glass falling out and seriously injuring yourself, your pets, or those little ones in your home.

Stainless Steel Bearing Hinges


Secure-All's unique and exclusive Stainless Steel Bearing Hinges combine commercial-grade hinges' durability with decorator hinges' elegance. A clever matching metal cover slips neatly over the mounting screws creating the illusion of a screwless installation. With just one touch, the hinges glide effortlessly without squeaks and can be easily serviced or replaced if ever necessary. As an added benefit, Secure-All's hinge system lets you quickly lift your unlocked security door off the hinges if you need to move large furniture through the doorway. You cannot find a better, more reliable, and more secure hinge design.

One-Piece Recessed Steel Jamb - Custom Fit to Your Opening


Secure-All offers the industry's first and only One-Piece Recessed Steel Jamb (hanging frame) with replaceable BlizzardGuard slide-in insulation. Secure-All's one-piece steel jamb prevents sagging and is completely sealed for maximum insulation. The clean and seamless appearance is beautiful. No other steel z-bar jamb on the market comes close to the Secure-All One-Piece Recessed Steel Jamb's quality, appearance, and performance. By hiding the mounting screws behind the unique slip plates and Ultra Stainless Lock Guard, only 4 screws are actually visible. The other security screws are completely hidden and protected from tampering.

Sealed Top 3" Upper Steel Door Frame


Many door fabricators believe that if the customer cannot see it, then it's not worth finishing it. The steel door frame is no exception in the world of security doors. Run your hand across the top edge of steel doors from other manufacturers. You'll find gaping holes with razor-sharp edges where horizontal members meet vertical ones. The cavernous voids left behind collect moisture and are a haven for miller moths, yellow jackets, wasps, and other pests.


In stark contrast to their belief, Secure-All doors feature fully sealed frames with 3" top rails. This unique design is necessary to accommodate the TouchBack Automatic Door Control. The finished product is fantastic! After all, just because you cannot see it doesn't mean it's not there.

Other Exclusive Secure-All Insulated Security Door Features

While we've already discussed our newest features and innovations, it's still important to mention other proven features we've developed over the years. For example, our glass/screen panel fall-back restraint holds the top panel for you while you latch the retainers. Or, the interlocking vault pin feature that functions like a deadbolt at the hinge side of the door. And then there's the BlizzardGuard insulation that helps save energy and keeps your family comfortable all year. And for those companies who are still boasting about their fully welded solid steel bars, steel jambs, three screen panels, double insulation sweeps, "the good lock," and on and on, Secure-All includes all of that, too.

Custom Options and Colors


You can customize your new Secure-All security doors with various custom options and colors. Choose from several different handle types, pet doors, wreath hooks, and more!

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