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Security Cameras vs Security Doors

Updated: Apr 13

a security door and security camera on a front porch
The front porch of a home protected with a security door and a security camera doorbell as a backup

In this article, we discuss security cameras vs security doors for residential home applications.

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a security camera compared to a security door?

Security cameras are low-cost devices that are relatively easy to install and offer a glimpse of what's happening outside your door. Camera recording and saved videos—which are really necessary unless you stay glued to the camera view 24/7—come with a recurring charge in most cases. These amounts can add up over time, and there is no limit to how much the providers will charge for their service.

Security doors are initially significantly more expensive than security cameras. The reinforced steel-crafted doors prevent forced entry by design, whereas a security camera records a malicious event as it unfolds. Security doors also provide a barrier between you and the person outside the door, whereas a camera does not.

2. In what scenarios are security cameras more effective than security doors, and vice versa?

When installed correctly and with paid service, security cameras generally offer good uptime for providing live feeds of the exterior of your home. However, there are times when security cameras experience outages, long delays for viewing, and connectivity issues that prevent them from capturing critical events.

Security doors provide 24/7 protection against forced entry, regardless of connectivity issues. Although they do not currently provide a visual live feed, their heavy-duty construction ensures consistent performance.

3. How do security cameras and doors work together to provide maximum security?

Ideally, a homeowner would install a security door to 'prevent' entry and a camera to give a heads-up about events. The security door would also allow fresh air ventilation without worrying about unwanted intrusion, improved insulation in the cooler months, and enhanced curb appeal. Then, adding a security camera would satisfy any curiosity about ongoing activities while away from home.

4. How has the technology of security cameras and doors evolved, and what are the implications for security?

Security cameras have made great strides in terms of function and technology. However, they are still vulnerable to signal scrambling, connectivity issues, and ongoing monthly fees.

Security doors have also evolved to be more secure, more energy efficient, and an effective means of adding value through improved curb appeal. A good security door should not require any future expense, so choose a higher-quality security door to start.


A security door is the best choice for those who are security conscious and want to 'prevent' a forced entry. A security camera is adequate for those who like instant alerts to what is going on outside their door but are not concerned about the chance of forced entry. The best way to achieve total peace of mind and protect your home and family is to get a security door and a low-cost security camera.

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