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Pet Door




Build your door: Pet door option


Find out why we prefer Hale brand pet doors.  Visit for more info.

You'll select the pet door size later

Adding a Hale-brand pet door is a perfect way to add convenience for your pet while avoiding the irreversible damage caused by cutting holes through the walls of your home. We use Hale brand pet doors exclusively because they are the best you can buy. Double-clear rubberized flaps, magnetic catches, perimeter insulation, and a sliding security cover ensure years of trouble-free operation. Should you ever decide to remove your Hale pet door, we can make a solid glass panel to neatly fit over the lower section, eliminating the need to buy another new security storm door. Hale pet doors are available in twelve sizes and are finished in a complementary color to your Secure-All security storm door.

The security door configurations on this page are illustrated as 96 inches tall and allow you to build a conventional security storm door without a pet door or add the option of an integrated pet door. Later in the configuration, you can choose from a traditional mortise lock or a digital keypad lock in a horizontal or vertical panel configuration. Depending upon which is closest to your existing opening, you can keep the door size at a 96-inch height (8-foot tall door) or change the height to a shorter 80-inch height. All security doors are built to the exact opening size, so the 80-inch or 96-inch designations are primarily a starting point for determining the best design and price.

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